Ralph Erickson

Honoring Tradition, with an Eye on the Future

Ralph specializes in high fade mens haircuts

I want you to feel like you never knew your hair could look so good. You'll leave my chair with higher self-esteem. My hope is that over time you'll gain creative trust in me, and the process. You deserve to look your best, and I know how to make that happen. How did I get on this path? I lied to people that I already knew how to cut when I had really learned on a beard trimmer! That white lie is what motivated me to be the best, I knew I had to put my money where my mouth was. Then I gained an apprenticeship after years of persistence at Pugsley’s Barbershop. I'm known for tight, technically detailed cuts, beard shaping and being straight forward. I'm serious about my craft. I'm dedicated to mastering traditional barbering and keeping old school-traditions alive until I die.  

Ralph's Essential Tips

  • Do NOT settle for a mediocre cut. Go to a truly skilled Barber. You deserve better.
  • Be consistent with your routine, whatever it is, make it steady.
  • Take a moment and style your hair, it's good for your presentation and your self-esteem.
  • Don't try shaving at home with a straight razor!

Ralph's Training & Experience

  • Apprenticeship at Pugsley's Barbershop 
  • Specializing in Straight Razor Work & Gentleman's Cuts
  • Coached the 2016 Beacon Hairstyling #1 Winner
  • Lead mentorship & apprentice programs