Dawn Allen

Kindness and Cooperation

Dawn giving a new mens haircut

I was 16 when I made the decision to be a stylist and 26 years later, I'm still here. I love the craft and I take pride in my work. I want to give you a look that can define you. It needs to be something that makes you feel proud and makes you feel like your best self. I want your visit with me to be a game changer. The cooperation between the person with the clippers and the person in the chair determines the outcome. I strive to ensure that our interaction is fun, efficient, and effective. Let the 45 minutes with me take a little weight off your shoulders. Literally and figuratively. 


Dawn's Essential Tips:

  • Know your natural growth pattern and work with it. 
  • A hairdyer is important. It can be the difference between an okay look and an amazing one.  
  • Don't be afraid to try new product.

Dawns's Training:

  • Continental School of Beauty and Barbering 1991
  • Northwest Beauty Academy - 1994
  • Licensed in six U.S. States.