Facial Toners and Why They're Important

mens facial skin care

If you don't know what a toner is, don’t feel bad.

In fact, it was only recently that I learned what it was. Once I did, I felt a little like I had found a small secret to life - or at least the preservation of my face. I’m trying to live forever. Aren’t we all?

Of course there are many ways you can take care of yourself. Everything seems to have electrolytes or anti-aging qualities and there are bountiful studies on how to slow the tell-all’s that we are all, in fact, dying.

There’s dietary advice, moisturizers, creams, serums, injections, surgeries - you name it.

The truth is that we are all too busy to tackle huge endeavors to maintain the health of our skin. The other truth is that we all have to start somewhere to make sure our future-selves don’t want to come back in time to punch us in the gonads for not taking better care of things overlooked.

That’s why toners are a small and underrated gift from the gods.


mens facial toner

There are several different types of toners and they all do slightly different things with one goal in mind; appearance. Moisturizers are amazing for skin long term but as far as adding a fresh look? Not as immediate.

Toners are similar to moisturizers in application but their goal is to help even out the texture of your skin. This means reducing the size of your pores. Goodness knows our teenage years left some impression or another on our skin.

You have to know your skin to know what toner is good for you

If you have oily skin, a toner that preserves moisture in your face really isn’t going to help you. It might even make it worse.

If you have dry skin, alcohol based toners are also going to wreak havoc on you. And thus, three types of toners exist.



Astringents have a fairly high alcohol content for restriction purposes. So it behooves someone with oily skin to use this type of toner. It’s typically recommended to apply this type to problem areas specifically to avoid causing more problems. But if you’re a natural grease ball, a light coat over your face won’t hurt.


These toners have virtually no alcohol. They are typically made with humectants. Humectants are additives that preserve moisture in the top layer of skin. They’re typically found in lotions. So if you have dry skin, this is a toner that would work best for you. One of the most common of this type is Rose water. Why? Because it contains anti-oxidants. BOOM. They’re everywhere.


This is kind of the Goldie Locks of toners. It’s not to alcohol based and not going to make you greasy. It contains both humectants and alcohol which makes it the most versatile of toners. It can be used for average skin types, combination skin and sensitive skin.


It’s pretty simple. If you’re already in the habit of washing your face, and let’s hope you are, toners come in between washing your face and moisturizing.

But here’s a quick step by step, in case you’re new to the face washing regimen.

men face wash
  • Wash 
  • Tone
  • Moisturize
  • You're Done



It’s one of the easiest ways to maintain a fresh appearance with both instant gratification and longterm benefits. Thank us later. 


The Man Bun

Man buns are nothing new but they certainly haven’t left.

What they have done is become a specified hip look. Beginning in 2014, several celebrities, including Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham, Jared Leto, and Leonardo DiCaprio started wearing man buns. The style is primarily adopted by hipsters and those men who admire this artisan aesthetic to define their semi-rebellious style.

The History

Maori tikitki mens hairstyle

Actually, the man bun goes back a long way.  In 1300, an indigenous Polynesian tribe, The Maori migrated to New Zealand and only men of a certain status would wear a tikitki, the equivalent of a man bun.

Sangtu mens hairstyle

During the Joseon Dynasty in Korea from 392 to 1897 married men wore a sangtu. They styled their hair in a knot on the top of their head held in place by a pin called a donggot.

Jared Leto mens hairstyle

More recently, Jared Leto introduced the modern man bun at the Golden Globes Award show in 2014. 

Should you wear a man bun?

If your hair is already long, why not try it out. Some claim that women find man buns attractive.  Men’s Fitness recently asked 100 women if they were attracted to men with man buns. Here are the results:

Sure, why not.
Maybe, but it’s not something I look for.
I only go after guys with man buns
Absolutely not.

So, attracting women isn’t a strong reason to sport the bun. It’s really a question of personal style. If you like the Brooklyn guitar-player-style then go for it. In terms of career progression, it’s not likely to enhance your career. If you are self-assured and don’t need to progress through the traditional ranks of the corporate world, it may be just the style for you.

How to grow your hair long.

If your hair is not long already, then understand that this is a long-term game. It will take a bit to grow out the length you’ll need. And after looking kind of unkempt and shaggy for so long, you won’t want to be cutting it off anytime soon.

First, start by skipping trips to the barber. Your hair will definitely reach a level of uncontrollable. Just tell everyone you’ve been really busy exploring the world. Everyone loves an explorer.

After a few months, address the mane. Your barber can help you make the transition to longer hair. 

long hair fabio

As your mane gets longer you’ll need to change your grooming regimen. This means less shampooing, no blow drying, switching from pomades and waxes to leave-in conditioners and grooming creams. You might even think about hair bands because longer hair is a pain the ass.  It gets in your eyes, sticks to your neck during hot days and adds unwanted protein to your sandwich.

Continue to see your barber for appropriate trims to keep it longer on top and manageable on the sides. The undercut adds a bit of edge to the manbun/topknot look. If a full head of long hair isn’t your thing, try this look out.

You’ll also want to consider deep conditioning treatments so that your hair retains moisture, oils and natural shine. Too many hipsters just let it grow and wind up with a frizzy ball of fuzz on their heads. It may be decidedly hipster, but you want to look intentional and elegantly groomed.

Products and Maintenance

mens styling products

More than ever this is the time to step up your grooming products game. That’s right, you may have to fork over some extra cash for products that will help control your hair and keep it looking healthy. Doesn’t matter what brand it is so long as it’s professional hair products recommended by your barber. You’ll want a shampoo that is gentle and works to keep the natural oils in your hair, reduces split-ends and minimizes frizz. Stay away from sulfates. They can dry your hair out and cause it to break. No one needs a head of destroyed hair. Next, you’ll need a conditioner. This is will likely be a leave-in conditioner that adds nutrients, fortification and strength to your hair. Grooming creams will give it shine and manageability. Lastly, as your hair gets longer and becomes bun-worthy, you’ll need a sea salt spray to add some grunge and separation.

How to tie your man bun

Now that your hair is long enough, tie that bad boy into a bun. Grab an elastic tie. Get your own and don’t steal your girlfriend’s. You’re a grown up. You can buy your own. Scoop your hair toward the back and then choke it and slip the band around it and pull it down toward your head. Then twist and slip the elastic band around again but only halfway down. Poof. There is your man bun.  Where you tie the bun is up to you. Most prefer to tie it in the back rather than on top of the head.

If you’re a visual type of guy, here is a video by Jules Tognini that will give you a tutorial on mastering the man bun. He adds a lot of steps, but there are some good tips on styling aids. Go forth into the manbun world.



Product Review: Claymation


Hanz de Fuko Claymation

Hold: Super High

Finish: Semi-Matte

Texture:  Very flexible.


·       Scent free

·       High hold

·       Paraben-free

·       Easy to set and style

·       Readjust throughout the day

Description:  This is a high caliber, frequently requested styling aid for men.  It provides a unique combination of strong hold and a matte finish.  It is perfect for guys with long hair or thick hair.  Claymation is half wax and half clay.

Size:        2 oz.

Price:     $22.00

Ingredients: Beeswax, Bentonite, Ethylhexyl Stearate, VP/VA Copolymer, Aqua, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Kaolin, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Ceteareth-25, Paraffinum Liquidum, PVP, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Silica, PEG-16 Macadamia Glycerides, Ethylhexylglycerin, Propanediol, Jojoba Esters, Butylene Glycol, Tocopherol.

Who should use it: Pompadours and medium length hairstyles. Provides the hold of a sculpting clay with the pliability of a wax. Formulated with a small bit of dry-shampoo for grit and volume.

How to use: Warm a nickel size dab in your palm and emulsify. Work through dry hair for a pliable matte finish or damp hair for natural shine.

Test Results:

Like all Hanz de Fuko products, Claymation is certified organic and paraben-free.  The product feels a little harder than most and will take a little work to emulsify.  It is water soluble but takes a little shampooing to get out.

This product has wicked hold.  You can get a pliable messy type natural look or really lock your style in place depending on how much you use. It’s the perfect styling aid for undercuts, pompadours and quiffs.  It provides height and hold that will stand up all day.  It also has a bit of Quicksand in it, so it also adds separation and texture.  Unlike many pomades, Claymation is entirely matte, very little shine.

Denver Fashion Week '16

This past weekend, GQ Barber Lounge was proud and honored to be a part of Denver's growingly notorious fashion week. If you were there, you know what we're talking about, if you missed it, it will be back better than ever! Don't miss the next show if you can help it because seriously . . .

Amazing Show, Amazing Talent

Denver Fashion Weekend 2016

Charlie Price, in collaboration with 303 Magazine, put on a fashion show weekend that featured local designers, local boutiques, as well as national names from NYC and more. It was incredible how they combined a range of style, and pulled off one of Denver’s biggest fashion shows. Not to mention the incredible 10th anniversary hair show for the grand finale Sunday night.

Every single night, the energy was buzzing with excitement, and the music was pulsing the very alive and beating heart of DFW. People showed up looking their best to watch all of the stylists’, designers’, shop owners’, and everyone else who pitched in, hard work come into action. The lower level seating was sold out all three nights, and you would look up to see the second level balcony lined up with watchful stares.  The stage was lifted and made an impressionable statement. I will say, drinks were a little pricey, but that was the cost I was willing to pay for such a classy event. Along with cocktails to sip on, guests got to enjoy finger food from local venders who participated in the booth sponsorship.  


Doors opened at 7:00 p.m. every night, with a line forming well before hand. Guests got to live the high life with a red carpet experience leading them through the entry way. Amd what is a red carpet event without a photographer snapping professional photos of you and your friends? Well that is precisely what Denver fashion goers’ got, as DFW was excited to welcome them to their grand event. No it wasn’t NYC fashion week but all fashion week's had to start somewhere and Denver Fashion Week is on the path to grand proportions. The energy really comes from the intimate and close-quarters setting the venue provides. Watching a fashion show in such a fervent crowd is something else. 


There was so much passion that was poured into the show, and so much hard work, it was inspiring to watch and witness what people were able to accomplish with minimal resources. DFW brought Denver a sense of community that is so important to local designers and boutiques that depend on a word of mouth outreach. With this show, many shops were able to showcase their brand image, and let their own designing personality shine through their outfits. Local models got to gain valuable experience with the runway and make an impressionable name for themselves. Fashion may not be as mainstream in Denver,  so this was a grand movement towards a more diverse, and art driven city. With outlets such as a fashion show, people are allowed to express themselves and enrich the world with their talents and welcome a new perspective into the lives of Denver residents. A hub tailored to fashion, art, and design in Denver, attracts more talent that will add a layer of depth to the culture of our growing city. Being a part of this evolving industry within DFW allows me to see beyond myself, and into a very colorful future that I am very excited to be a part of to say the least!

What is to come of DFW? I have no idea, however it is sure to turn some heads and raise even more excitement than ever before! I want to see more designs, more local talent, more styles, more people, more, more more! This type of event, and atmosphere is something that people can not get enough of, and sends the message of individuality as well as the importance of a community. On a very serious note, I would very much so love to see the men's fashion and grooming aspect of the show increase in exposure. Men we have some work to do, but men's grooming has a huge role in this industry, and a part to play just as much as women. Do not forget that, and let's get men noticed!

Here is a recap of GQ Barber Lounge's first documented experience at DFW'16. We had a blast there, as well as producing this amazing video. Thank you 303 magazine and Charlie Price for having us. Also, big shoutout and thank you to the tremendous hard work put in from all the participants who walked in the show, as well as everyone who contributed behind the scenes to present us with such a fantastic night out!  


It Is Officially Beanie Season!

4 Ways to Wear a Beanie This Winter

Everyone loves pulling their beanie out of storage as soon as temperatures drop for fall. Don't Get in a rut and wear the same beanie, the same way, over and over. You have got to mix it up! Whether you are hitting the slopes, trying to stay warm en route to work, or trying to stay fly during the cold months, there are a few different ways to change up your beanie look. 


1. The Slouch

I am sure you have seen this one walking past you atop a head that never seems to be in a hurry for anything, just seemingly walking past you just to show off how cool they are. This is one of the most classic looks beanies have to offer. It has the slouched back and snowboard look that most people go for. No you do not have to know anything about snowboarding to wear the slouch look, but you will be sure to make people think otherwise. It's definitely the most casual look, and the look everyone wants to be able to pull off. Want a couple extra 'hipster' points? Try this one on, you won't be trying anything new, but you will know this is an acceptable and stylish way to wear your beanie amongst all of the 'cool kids'. 


2. The One Fold

If you don't like the look of so much slack on your skull, the one fold is a way to tighten up the beanie look. No you won't keep your ears warm, which is technically what a beanie is supposed to do, but you'll be wearing a beanie nonetheless, so that counts for something right? Maybe you are tired of seeing the slouch look, so you try and mix it up with this style. At least you tried to be creative, that is all we ask.  


3. The Fisherman

Say you aren't one for casual at all. The look you need is the fisherman. This upright and scalp tight way of wearing the beanie is versatile across a bunch of looks. It keeps your business attire looking sleek. Plus the added folds gives your ears more layers of warmth. 


4. The Straight Up

The final look is a style of beanie-wear that is certainly rising in popularity. Wear it with a denim jacket and some nice jewelry to hit the cool bar no one's heard of. Yeah, it's that kind of cool. Didn't your mother tell you to look nice and sit up straight? Well, same rules apply for your beanie if you want to accomplish this option. Look like the mysterious new kid everyone wants to know about, and stay warm, all with the power of this beanie wearing style.   


That's it!

There's always room to make small changes to amp up your appearance, even in the winter. So grab your beanie, your overcoat, and head out with friends! Need a fun beanie? Check out King and Fifth. They have got all the beanie options to make any beanie style wearing lovers happy.   

The Winter Hair Tips You Need

Hair Advice To Get You Through the Seasons

Winter is great; snow, holidays, fireplaces, comfort food, eggnog; but it’s not a holiday for our hair.

Harsh winter winds, dry air inside and out. So dry in fact, that it can suck the moisture out of our hair like an ex-wife on payday.

We must change up our routine a little. After all, we blow out our sprinkler systems, put on snow tires, and trade our lawn mowers for snow blowers. We are sure to transition the rest of our routines, so why not hair?

Here's a few simple tips, tricks, and hair treatments for men to keep hair looking and feeling great through the winter. 


1. Shampoo Less

mens sulfate free shampoo

Try to shampoo a little less often and certainly less vigorously. Use lukewarm water. Watch the ingredients in your shampoo and avoid alcohol (in your shampoo, not in general). 

The key is to keep the natural oils in your hair.



Mens hair shampoo

Use a hydrating shampoo and think about using a hydrating conditioner.

Dry warm air blasting out of furnaces and harsh cold winds can dry out hair and create static charged fly away hairs.


3. Condition  


A weekly deep conditioning treatment can improve scalp help and improve the moisture in your hair. Think of it as a Sunday Morning Ritual.

Slather it on and let it sink in for 20 to 30 minutes and let it do its job.

You can make your own natural treatment by blending jojoba and coconut oils.

Then shampoo, condition and you’re good to go.

Good hair tips for men

4. Air Dry

Ease up on the towel drying fresh out of the shower. Just pat it dry and let it dry naturally.

Avoid the turbo-charged mega-watt blow dryer if you can.




5. Protect and Preserve!

classic mens hats

Wear a hat when you go out. First it keeps you warm. Second it looks nice. Most importantly, it keeps the cold harsh wind from wrecking your hair. If you want to style up think Goorin Bros. or if you want the slouchy hipster look think King & Fifth.

Try it on! Don’t sacrifice style for healthy hair, now you can have it all.


By making simple, and painless adjustments to your hair regimen, you won't have to flee the state and go north for the winter. Cozy up with the reassurance that your hair can love the winter festivities just as much as the rest of you.  


The Art of Jazz and Barbering

The Manuel Valera Trio Comes to Denver’s Dazzle Jazz


The room was a time capsule sending us back to 1920’s New York City, when jazz became ALIVE. Within this intimate setting, the lovely tunes of this genre became active and floated into the ears and hearts of the admiring listeners.


Grammy Nominated Manuel Valera Trio came to Denver to share their talent of music with everyone at Dazzle Jazz. As they serenated the audience, GQ Barber Lounge could only think of one way to repay them for producing such beautiful music. So we invited the Trio down to the Lounge for a men’s grooming extravaganza.

Best Denver Mens Haircut with Manuel Valera Trio

Boy did they come out looking fresh!

We had the amazing opportunity to sit down and talk to Manuel Valera and ask him how he came to be such a jazz extraordinaire. His fire and passion for music was unbelievable. They say if you love what you do, then you never have to work a day in your life. We couldn't agree more! It was incredible to have the artists of the trio and the barbers in our shop come together and appreciate one another’s craft.




The Classic Cocktail

"I'll take an Old Fashioned."

When you hear someone order this drink, an added classiness has suddenly been brought to the bar. You might turn around and expect to see Don Draper from Mad Men sitting next to you in his very impressionable suit and tie get up. Always ready to seal the deal with finesse and with a perfect Old Fashioned at his disposal.

If you haven’t seen the television show Mad Men, let us give you a rundown:

Real men drink Old Fashioned cocktails.


The name given to this well-known concoction of bourbon whiskey was at a gentleman’s club in Louisville Kentucky. The bartender who coined the name in honor of James E. Pepper, a prominent bourbon distiller, then brought it to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel bar in New York City. This 19th century born cocktail gathered momentum amongst the more mature drinkers palate, and stands the test of time with its simplicity, and straight to the point ingredients.


An Old Fashioned is the cocktail of choice for those who are sure about everything they do, and how they do it. They’ll have none of that fancy mixologist crap.  The ingredients are specific, and sets the standard of what kind of man you are. It is to the point, and men who order an Old Fashioned prefer to cut the ‘BS’ and get right down to business. I mean in the literal sense, this drink is basically all whiskey, and gets down to business real quick. In the figurative sense, come on, it is Don Draper’s favorite drink and he always gets what he wants.

How do you make this cocktail at home you ask?

It is pretty simple.  Here is what you will need to make the perfect Old Fashioned at home.



  • Your Favorite Rye Whiskey or Bourbon (For instance GQ Barber Lounge's Rye Whiskey, Hoschstaders Slow and Low)
  • Sugar Cubes
  • Water
  • Angostura Bitters 
  • 1 Orange, optional
  • Luxardo Cherries, (optional but recommended)

The traditional Old Fashioned is served in nothing other than an Old Fashioned glass, also known as a rocks glass, which is a drinkware used to serve alcohol such as whiskey, over ice. Along with your glassware, an Old Fashioned will call for a muddler. This is not dire to the overall drink production, however it is easier and looks more official. Remember, WWDDD, ‘'What Would Don Draper Do?"

Once you have gathered all of the ingredients, it is time to start concocting your cocktail!


Your preparation:

  • Place your sugar cube in your Old Fashioned glass, along with 2-3 dashes of bitters, and a splash of water.
  • Muddle your sugar cube at the bottom of your glass.
  • If you do not have a muddler, get creative and use a spoon, lipstick tube, you get the picture.
  • Fill your glass with ice cubes
  • Add your whiskey
  • Top off your drink with a cocktail cherry and an orange slice
  • Enjoy!

Side Note:

    You might have noticed that the ultimate Old Fashioned is served with one single, clear, spherical shaped ice ball. This has a purpose, and yes your ice does make a difference. Normal ice will be suitable, however the cloudier and smaller the ice cubes, the faster they will melt and dilute your drink you worked so hard to create. With that said, you will have three options:

Option 1: Enjoy your perfectly made Old Fashioned at home with regular ice, but drink it fast

Option 2: Purchase your very own ice sphere trays 

Option 3: Head over to Avelina and enjoy their perfectly crafted Old Fashioned!


Avelina is located near Union Station, right where the action is. As part of the Urban Food Group, they set it as their mission to provide drinks and food that make your taste buds tingle with excitement. You are really in luck if Ryan is there managing the bar. He approaches his style of bartending with a distinct layer of passion and love for his craft. He enjoys being creative, as he experiments with cocktails that add an excellent touch to the overall experience. That is why he started bartending in the first place. 

Ryan has had a lot of experience with the Old Fashioned, it is even his drink of choice because it is "DELICIOUS"! He also describes the drink as, "Stereotypically the Old Fashioned is considered an old man's drink, which is not the case. There are a lot of women who come in to enjoy them as well". In fact he has a sweet, savory, cinnamon recipe perfect for the holidays not mentioned on the menu. Just go in and tell him to make it the way he likes it, he will know what to do. You did't hear it from us though;)

The Winter Wardrobe Essential

Players Clothing Topcoat

Don’t be the guy walking in the cold, headed to your business meeting, wearing your puffer jacket. Sure you might look business professional underneath your attempt to stay warm, but what your boss can’t see, may hinder your chance to leave that crucial lasting impression. What are you missing? It’s the irreplaceable, crisp weather, fashion detail that states, “Hi I’m here, and I am to be taken seriously."




The staple overcoat for men’s fashion has evolved over time, becoming a winter necessity if you ever want to be taken seriously in the snow. There are many different variations of an overcoat, all having their own interpretations.  These slight differences in color, material, length, and breastplate determine where you are going, and when. Feeling overwhelmed yet? It’s okay, we are here to help.

If you haven’t started an overcoat collection, no worries, it is not too late to start! First thing is first; decide to get an overcoat, end of discussion. Now that that very important decision is made, let’s get down to the nitty gritty’s.


J.Crew Yellow Single-Breasted Topcoat

What is it:

The topcoat will be an essential piece this winter to meet your all-around wardrobe’s functionality. The evolution from the formal, below the knee overcoat aspired to be more versatile, that could be worn with both a suit and tie, or on the weekends with blue jeans. The topcoat fashion extraordinaire still serves the purpose of keeping you warm while adding a very defined and sophisticated element to your look. Coming just above the knee, or mid thigh, you have the option to dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion. If you are looking for the top crafted topcoats, go with 100% wool. This will last you throughout many winters, and give you the warmest experience. If you would like to step it up even another notch, make sure it is the perfect fit, by tailoring your coat for a made to measure customized final product.


Players Clothing Formal Topcoat

Where to look: Places around Denver

Now you know what you are looking for, where can you find such an amazing article of clothing? There are many places around Denver that offer an array of options.

Players Clothing is an excellent place to start for your very fashionable, and top of the line topcoat. Here you will find exclusive, not found anywhere else in Denver, Italian brands. If you want the best of the best, and you are in the Denver area, you are sure to hit the jack pot at Players. If you are not from these parts of town, Don't worry, they have a website.

When you go to Players, talk to Scott. Scott will welcome you with a friendly, familiar face, and make sure you leave with a smile, and with a lot of style! Although, you can not really go wrong with any of the many topcoat options available. 



Players Clothing Topcoat

What To Look For:

Timeless Tweed:

No one has ever gone wrong with a traditional tweed patterned coat to add that extra refinement to your look. This is a more formal option, but like I said, no one can go wrong with tweed.


J.Crew Topcoat With Hood

Keep it Casual

If you're more of a casual wearing, still keeping it classy, topcoat-wearing-guy, add a hood and your look suddenly gets easier to dress down. You can still keep your well loved tweed pattern, and still meet your girlfriend's parents for the weekend.


J.Crew located in the Cherry Creek Mall, can also add color and eye catching qualities to your overcoat wardrobe. This store does a great job at balancing the delicate equation of high quality, decent price, and top fashion trends. Meeting the guidelines to the triple threat, you can’t go wrong by checking them out.

When you have made it to the top stores, you will have options.



Players Clothing Casual Navy Topcoat

Navy, Forest Green, Copper and Classic Black

If you’re not feeling the color pop statement, sleek black is a good place to start your topcoat collection. Black is always the safe choice that you can't really go wrong with.

Don’t be afraid to spice up your colors, especially in the fall. Top color picks for 2016 include a dark navy, a rusty copper, and a deep forest green, all of which to be mixed and intertwined within one another. 

Adding a streak of color to your coat collection can step up your style game.                  



Single or Double Breasted:

You can either choose from a single-breasted or double-breasted style. So what is the difference? A double-breast style tends to fall more on the dressier side of things, whereas the single-breast style can be more easily dressed down for a casual wear. Double-breasted coats will also be a little warmer because of the extra material.


Now you know.

There is a way to have the best of both worlds. Your perfect Monday meeting confidence boost, your Saturday brunch sophistication, and your way to beat the cold. No more excuses. Get the respect you deserve, and the second glance of jealousy you've been craving. What ever the occasion, don't forget your topcoat!





5 Fall Trends You Should Know

Fall Mens Fashion Trends

We waited long before writing these very words but Fall is Coming. Even Starbucks is rumored to release its signature fall beverage in the next 30 days. Just some perspective.

No time better than the present to change our bad habits. Don’t lie. You are about to pull out the same jacket, pants, and sweater you have worn every fall for the last 3 years.

You don’t have to be nose deep in fashion magazines to spruce up your attire. No need to be an expert on fashion trends for men.  It’s time to step up your style game, so we have 5 trending tips to keep you ahead of the curve.  




1)      Color

Copper Fall 2016 Mens Fashion

Olive. Brown. Black. Navy. Umber. Especially Copper.

Discard everything you think you know about matching. Mix brown and black or navy and brown.



2)      Turtle/Funnel Neck.

H&M Fall 2016 Mens Fashion Trends

We’re not talking elementary school photos, no. The 60’s style of high neck has been brought back. Whether loose or tight fit, this will step up your style game in an unexpected way. It looks best with a collared bomber jacket.  Which brings us to . . .






3)      Bomber Jackets.

Mens Bomber Jacket Fall 2016 - River Island

Look for a wide collar and a good fit. It makes the difference between stylish and slouchy. ‘Nuff said.







4)      Slouchy Pants

Mens Fashion Trends - Pants

They aren’t MC Hammer pants, don’t worry. A looser fit rolled up at the ankle with high ankle shoes make this trend a 90’s skater / 50’s greaser combo. It’s a classy trend.





5)      The Duffle Coat

Duffle Coat Fall 2016

Stemming from its popularity in the 1950’s, the Duffle Coat resurfaces again.  Take it in a retro direction with the high funnel neck shirt. Who knows, you could surprise yourself.





There you have it.

Try out the simple alterations to your wardrobe and you are sure to impress with refined style.



5 Reasons You Should Exfoliate

Mens exfoliating

We’ve said it before and we will say it again; all your problems will be solved if you exfoliate. Okay, not your bills or your broken iPhone screen. We’re talking the little grooming issues you just can’t seem to tackle like nasty hands, stinky feet and bacne.


Said no one ever.

Trust us. Adding exfoliation to your weekly routine will be beneficial in more than one way.


1)  The Basic Benefit

Mens hands

Forget the days of dry cracked hands showing masculinity. We think it’s safe to say no one wants to be touched by your creepy dry and scaly hands. Firm handshakes are one thing but if your skin wounds someone, we’re in bad business. Exfoliating removes dead skin. Simple as that. Dead skin build-up often results in rough and dry skin. You are a man, not a bridge troll.


2)  Shaving

Exfoliate for men

We mentioned this previously when talking about ingrown hairs. Exfoliating will help you achieve a closer shave. Shaving’s not as easy when the razor has to fight through layers of build-up first. If you’re a mountain man with a huge beard, you need not worry about this. We’re talking to the baby-smooth clean shavers. With a closer shave, you’ll also be preventing the ingrown hair issue.


3)  Stinky Feet

Foot care for men

Maybe you weren’t listening when we talked about pedicures. Your stinky feet are killing the trees. Which is obviously a lie but if it gets your attention, fine. Remember dead skin? Yeah we hate that sh*t. Sweat doesn’t cause odor, bacteria does. Your dead foot skin is harboring it like a Seattle Fish Market.  




4) Acne

Back Acne or Bacne

Perhaps it’s a problem for you. If not, leave this place. We don’t want your perfect skin here anyway. For the same reasons exfoliating lifts dead skin, it helps remove dirt and grime from your pores. This is really applicable to anywhere acne may be a problem for you. Most men find back acne or “bacne” to be a problem. So get a loofah, some sugar scrub and go to town.



5) Aging

Men Aging

Let’s all take a second and stare our mortality in the face and accept a terrible reality. We’re aging. Exfoliating has more than one perk in the anti-aging department; it removes the excess layers of dead skin that cause lines to be more visible AND helps your mens moisturizer and other mens grooming products penetrate deeper to and prevent men aging. Stay the handsome ladies man you believe you are by finding the fountain of semi-youth.



So that concludes our session on why your dead skin is the worst. Most exfoliants can be made with things you have in your kitchen pantry, like sugar and honey. We’ll give a how-to on home exfoliating recipes later but today, we want you to know that we care about you and your stinky feet.




How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

We can all remember being young men and having our first couple experiences with shaving, even if there were only three hairs on our faces. I can remember flipping through yearbooks, and you could tell who was shaving their faces, red bumps and rashes from chin to neck. The facial hair struggle was real.


The shaving struggle is still real. Though sometimes those bumps can be a reaction to certain shaving creams or be because your baby face is just too sensitive for that razor, but a lot of times it is due to ingrown hairs. Don't worry. They're preventable as hell. 


Where Do They Come From?

Ingrown Hair


Ingrown hairs are not scientific or caused because you eat too many cheeseburgers, they are simply hairs that curl around and grow back into the face or when the shaved hair gets trapped inside the follicle. 

And you can literally get ingrown hairs anywhere that you grow hair, but for these purposes, we are going to stick with your face. Ingrown hairs can be a pain causing itching, redness, swelling and leaving your face bumpy instead of baby butt smooth. Besides the physical part, those little red bumps are aesthetically gross, and I am pretty sure your date next Friday won’t enjoy staring at that all night.




Anthony Hopkins in Wolfman

There are several things you can do to help fight ingrown hairs on your face. Of course the most obvious is grow your beard out like Anthony Hopkins in Wolf Man.

But if sporting the shag is not quite your style there are some very simple changes you can make to your shaving routine to avoid those painful bumps. Prevention does not mean you can just pick one of these and do it sometimes; you have to make sure to make these steps a regular shaving routine. One quick shave without it and you can right back to bumpville.


Put. Down. The. Foam.

Shaving creams made for sensitive skin that moistens are your best friend. Foams tend to dry out the skin. And for the love of Tom Hanks do not use alcohol, rubbing alcohol that is, on your skin.

Exfoliation is a great way to wash away the excess. Besides being incredibly healthy for your skin, exfoliating removes the dead layers of skin allowing less room for the hairs to become trapped after shaving.


5 o'clock Shadow

Sport the 5 o'clock shadow.

Shaving too closely will cause the hair follicles to lodge in your face, allowing them to grow sideways. Try using a single blade razor and don’t pull down with your hands. Be gentle guys, be gentle.

Shave in the shower

Shave it while it’s hot. No, I do not mean in the dead of summer. Shave as soon as you get done showering because your pores are open, and your face is free of the day’s dirt. With open pores and a good razor, the hair will lift out easily instead of being ripped out like garden weeds.


How Do I Get Rid Of Them!

So you’ve spent your time shaving, neglecting one, or all, of the above rules for preventing ingrown hairs. At this point you need to get rid of them and let your face heal, but how do you do that? There are several techniques that you can use to help improve from ingrown hairs. Remember to continue to do the preventative steps as you are contributing to healing the ingrown hair issue you already have or as soon as you fix the one you’ll have ten more.


Sugar Scrub

Start small. When you notice you have an ingrown hair, don’t automatically break out the chainsaw and begin to accept a life without a chin. The least invasive way to remove an ingrown hair to allow the skin to heal is by gathering the following: facial cleanser, washcloth, and an exfoliate like salt or sugar scrub. Start first by wetting the washcloth with hot water and applying the facial cleanser to the affected area. Don’t wash it with all your force, instead, gently rub in circles which will open your pores and clean the area of bacteria. Once the area is clean, repeat the process again, but with your scrub. The motion, the opening of the pores, and the scrub should bring the ingrown hair to the surface, allowing you to pull it gently out.


Witch Hazel

Attack it topically. By topically we mean chemically and no this is not an excuse for a trip to the hardware store. Products made with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or witch hazel will dry that particular area enough for the ingrown hair to emerge above the skin. This will aide in the ability to remove it and continue with the healing process.

Burn baby burn. Put down the torch. If you are constantly, regardless of preventative measures, dealing with unsightly and painful ingrown hairs, it might be time to speak with your doctor about laser hair removal or electrolysis. Though here at GQ Barber Lounge we are quite fond of your hairy face, sometimes enough is enough. These are extremely costly procedures and your hope of one day living out in the wilderness as a mountain man may be stifled from the inability to grow hair any longer, so make sure to weigh all your options before settling on this one. An occasional ingrown hair is no reason to go crazy.


So there you go.

You have the what, the where, and the hardcore knowledge of how to keep ingrown hairs from ruining that freshly shaven face. Make sure to follow your daily skin cleansing routine to keep bacteria from clogging your pores and making your more susceptible to the itchy red bumps. A soft face is a handsome one.

Why I Bought a Barbershop

GQ Denver Barber Shop

Was it because I have a fetish for cutting men's hair?


I am not even a barber.  Was it because I enjoy looking at men all day? No, I much prefer women. The real question is why didn't I purchase a women's hair salon? I am still pondering that one.

I have always had a romance with small businesses.

Couldn't care less about the Apples, the Teslas and the Googles of the world.  My heart was captured by the struggling gasket distributor, the small little steak house and the machine shop in the old building on the corner of 5th and Main.

For years I banked them. For even more years I consulted with them. But I never was one. Their problems were my problems and I so respected their struggles. And I so wanted to be one.


On August 16, 2004,

Shampooing is a favorite of a GQ mens haircut

I closed on the purchase of what is now GQ Barber Lounge. It was a dream come true. A chance to make the best barber shop Denver has ever seen. I had become a member of "The League of Extraordinary Small Business Owners." Except I wasn't extraordinary. Anything but. And I am still not extraordinary. But "I are one." I am a small business.

My business friends laughed and continue to wonder why I purchased a barbershop.  To me, small is beautiful. I love being a shopkeeper. I love having it all on the line, risking everything, making nothing, all for the remote chance of building something great but small.

Bill Chrimser, owner of GQ Barber Lounge

I am fond of telling people that I discovered the secret of making a fortune in the barber business.  Start with a large one. My "on the job" training cost me a million dollars in blunders, mistakes and bad ideas.  A dozen years of 100+ hours a week for no pay. And I wouldn't change a thing. Okay, I would change the million dollar loss thing and a bunch of the blunders and bad ideas, but I have never looked back. I would absolutely do it again.

I learned and continue to learn how incredibly hard it is to build and sustain a great business. I learned that I am not nearly as smart as I thought I was. I learned how difficult it is to lead and to inspire others.

Lauren giving awesome mens haircuts

I love the people that commit their careers to our business. The barbers that obsess over the details. The ones that want to be the best barber Denver has to offer. The guest concierges that call you back and tell you they can get you in. The massage therapists that change the way people feel and move. And our amazing support staff that accomplish the "extraordinary" every single day including the image on the top of this article. We have a team like no other Denver barber shops.

If you have the slightest inkling to start a small business, to buy a little business, then do it. You can always go back and get a job. I was wrong about the romantic part. There is nothing romantic about being a shopkeeper or a small business owner. Except that it's yours. You live and die by the sweat on your brow, your willingness to get out of bed every day and wage war with competitors, with the government, with vendors and with all the people that promise you the world and want their money upfront.

Vince Lombardi said it best

I firmly all believe that any man's finest hour--his great fulfillment to all he holds dear--is that moment when he has worked his heart out and lies exhausted on the field of battle--victorious.

That is why I bought a barbershop.

The Timeless Haircut

Classic mens haircuts

Alright kids. Let's start out today's history lesson by clearing the air. It's a common misconception to call this mens hairstyle a "Comb over." This classic mens hairstyle is officially known as"The Side Part." Much classier. 

And it is the quintessential, timeless hairstyle for men.






The History

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

Side Parts have been around since the 1940’s and likely even earlier. Emerging just around the birth of film, it projected class and elegance and became a staple in classic barbering technique.  And it still lives on.  Because of it's versatility, the Side Part works for both mens short hairstyles and long hairstyles and has withstood the decades. 

It is a building block for most mens hairstyles. Whether you're going for the messy-bed-hair look or the clean high and tight, the root of most styles is the Side Part. The classic style is one of the most popular hairstyles because of its ability to work with all hair.







Start with the Right Haircut

The Low and Tight

The Low and Tight

The side part, perfectly executed, is always going to give you timeless style.  But this is not a cut you get in 15 minutes at the quick-serve place in the mall.  The keys here are shape, balance and dimension.  Our Barber Stylist MaryAnne Bergeman recommends asking your barber for a classic taper haircut with shears-only or a clipper-over-shears cut.  She recommends avoiding a clipper taper unless you are aiming for the Low and Tight.  







Parting the Way

Look for where your hair parts naturally on the side so you know where to comb it down and where to comb it to the side.  It really doesn’t matter which side you part.  Well, then again, maybe it does.  That is a different story called “The Theory of The Hair Part.”  Seriously, some believe which side you part your hair makes a difference in your personality and whether or not you have a chance with the blonde on the sixth floor.  We digress.

Balance and dimension, remember?  You don’t want to look like Pee Wee Herman.  Or maybe you do, but you’ll never get that blonde on the sixth floor…or the fifth…or the fourth or even in the elevator for that matter.  Balance on the top and symmetry on the sides.  Sounds simple enough and yet, details matter.  It’s why you need a skilled barber with the time to get it right.  Seriously.  As Milanese Barber Franco Bompieri says “It’s your hair.  Don’t let it get cut badly.”


The Styles

The Sleepy Head Go for the extra length on top, and just a little product to keep the unkempt shape.

The Sleepy Head

Go for the extra length on top, and just a little product to keep the unkempt shape.

The Don Authenticity is key for this style, as it mimics the original shapes of the 1940's.

The Don

Authenticity is key for this style, as it mimics the original shapes of the 1940's.

The T-Bird The slicked back droop is a take on the 50's greaser style but without the dinky curly bit.

The T-Bird

The slicked back droop is a take on the 50's greaser style but without the dinky curly bit.

The Wild Wave Sorta like the sleepy head but more like you got out of bed and made it worse. . . in a cool way. 

The Wild Wave

Sorta like the sleepy head but more like you got out of bed and made it worse. . . in a cool way. 

The Front Flip Still cleanly swept to the side,  but a little more volume up front. 

The Front Flip

Still cleanly swept to the side,  but a little more volume up front. 


Product really separates the Side Part from the dreaded comb-over.  You’ll need a firm holding pomade to maintain that lift or by 2:00 in the afternoon you’ll be sporting the Pee Wee, flat on your head.  If you’re intention is retro, think high shine finish.  If you want a more contemporary style look for matte or low shine, high hold.

There you have it, traditional barbering technique blended with contemporary style to give you classic and timeless elegance.

A barber needs to study hair as a violinist studies the violin. The only difference is that while many people play the violin, not many people can become a Master Barber

Is Dry Shampoo for Men?

Mens Dry Shampoo

Oh Sh*t. 

It’s 7:30 am and you’ve hit the snooze button one too many times. There’s barely enough time to get dressed and dash off to work.  You pray to God there’s no traffic.  And of course, your head looks like an oil slick.  This is when you need dry shampoo for men.


No, it’s not going to turn you into Bradley Cooper with a puff, puff, puff of the aerosol can.  But it will help. 


How it works:

mens hair products

The alcohol or starch in Dry Shampoo absorbs excess debris, gunk, and grease. All you have to do is a quick brush to remove it, and voila! You've got clean looking hair. And that's all that really matters, right? Appearance? At least no one at work will think you're on some kind of showerless bender. 

Dry shampoo is not a substitute for the real thing. And yes, we must clarify. Hygiene is still important for maintaining healthy hair, but sometimes time isn't on our side.

You might also consider throwing a can in your bag or desk for those times when you need to freshen up. It also helps to add volume.


How to Use:

hair styling tips for men

First off, don’t spray on damp hair.  It’s called dry shampoo for a reason. 

Less is more. Remember, we're trying to de-gunk our hair not add more. Over doing it will cause you to look like you are wearing a powdered wig. That's not good.

Focus on areas that have excess grease. These problem areas are typically around the roots in the forefront of your hair. But everyone's grease is different.

Hold the can about 6 inches away while you spray then give it some time to dry and soak that sh*t up.

After it's had a minute to work, brush it through your hair.


Your hair hopefully looks less tragic. Just don't use it more than two days in a row. After that, please take a shower. For everyone's sake.


What to buy:

mens hair tips

We think the best dry shampoo for men is Fresh.Hair by Kevin Murphy.  It’s got great stuff like Vitamin C, Grapefruit Extract, Ylang Ylang and some light fragrances to make you smell better.  Plus, it looks good and your wife will think there is some hope for you.

5 Reasons to Get a Pedicure

Pedicure for men

It's 2016. Men deserve to take care of themselves. Many guys include a pedicure for men as part of their normal grooming regimen.  It’s more about keeping their feet in great shape and less about luxury or frilly spa treatments.

Do men get pedicures?  Dwayne Wade, shooting guard for the Miami Heat and style icon, gets sports pedicures and the Washington Wizards include pedicures as part of their training regimen.

But they aren’t just for professional athletes that depend on their feet, pedicures just make sense for anyone's basic self care.  After all, we rotate and balance the tires on our car for a smooth ride.  It only makes sense to take care of the feet that take us everywhere we want to go.


5.  Happy Feet.  

Pedicure for guys

Our goal is to have clean, healthy feet, not painted pieces of art on our toes.  Pedicures make our feet look and feel fantastic.  The process begins with a warm, foot soak in marine salts and skin softeners that leave your feet feeling silky smooth.  Along with trimming your nails and filing away calluses you also get a foot and calf massage. Plus, while you’re having a beer or a top-shelf cocktail, catnapping or taking in the tunes, a beautiful and talented cosmetologist toils away on your feet.  And while it’s pretty relaxing and definitely decadent, it’s also good for you.


4.  Sandal season.  

mens pedicure

You’ve got those great leather Tevas and unfortunately your feet look like gnarled, nasty tree roots.  Get those nails trimmed, have that winter callus build-up filed down and get your feet ready for public viewing.  Believe it not, some guys even get their toes waxed.  Then go out and put your best foot forward.






3.  Foot Odor.  

men and pedicures

This is a huge issue for guys and a major turnoff. Foot sprays are no help either. It just worsens the odor after time. Get a pedicure. The washing, sanitizing and exfoliation you get during a pedicure removes layers of dead skin, dirt and bacteria from your feet that create odor. Plus it feels amazing.



2.  Healthy feet are manly feet.  

reasons to get a pedicure for men

Because there are more pores on the bottom of your feet than anywhere else it’s easy for infections to get in your body through your feet.  Getting a foot care treatment regularly reduces the chance for infections and fungus.  In addition, the foot and calf massage improves blood flow and reduces inflammation pain.  Getting rid of callus build-up and blisters also reduces pain.



1. Between the Sheets

Get a mens pedicure for your loved one

Your loved one will thank you in ways you’ll appreciate.  Trust us, no one wants to sleep next to nasty, scratchy feet.  And we hate sleeping alone with our nasty, stinky feet. Seriously, no one will think you’re less manly because you got rid of your dragon feet, just that you’re considerate, sophisticated and self assured in your masculinity.  It’s sexy.



Takeaway Advice

Don’t buy a Groupon deal and head down to Nancy’s Nail Palace.  Instead, go to an upscale barbershop like GQ Barber Lounge in Denver, Colorado *wink wink.*.  It just feels better getting your feet detailed into shape in a male sanctuary where you don’t have to feel bad because you’re not sipping boba and getting sunflowers painted on your toenails. If not at GQ, at least make sure the place is sanitary.

Whether you get polish is up to you.  A lot of guys get clear polish and some sartorially inclined gents opt for black polish.  We recommend skipping polish altogether.  However, if your nails are soft or prone to splitting, ask for a nail hardener.


We recommend a pedicure at least every four months with sensible home care in between.  Home care includes occasionally sanding your heels with a pumice block (take the one they use home with you and purchase a couple more) and using a nightly foot cream or moisturizer.


The Sockless Look

Sockless Men

It’s hot. Really hot.  And you gotta cool down, dress a little more casually and add a little savior-faire to your step.  So if you’re thinking of going sans-sock and want to know how to pull it off, we got you.


The Occasion

Business meeting attire

Discretion is always a good rule.  Making a presentation to a boardroom full of crusty old curmudgeons is not the time to go sockless.  For many other non-formal occasions and most business situations it can add a bit of style and panache to your personal brand.  The key is to look intentional and not as though you forgot or had no clean socks.

Be mindful of the season and the weather.  Going sockless should be a summer style option. Look for cooler, lighter fabrics and a hemline that’s high enough to sport some breathing room.  Think chinos with slim legs and maybe even cuffs.


The Hazards

Mens Feet

Your feet sweat, up to a pint a day.  And trust us you don’t want to be sloshing around in your loafers and emitting that disgusting squelching sound as you glide through the office.

Then there is the odor.  Yeah, your feet stink.  Why do you think the dog leaves the room when you get home and pop up those penny loafers?




The Rules

Mens pedicure

Start with clean feet.  Duh… And let’s kick it up a notch and wash an antibacterial soap daily, exfoliate those hoofs once or twice a week and use a moisturizer.  You might even want to get a pedicure. Your feet will thank you.  Your dog will thank you.

Slap some tan on those alabaster ankles. You don’t want to frighten the children.

Make sure your shoes can stand the spotlight.  Leave the wingtips and cap toes at home. Leave the boat shoes on the boat.  Think richly shined loafers, clean sneakers or snazzy canvas shoes with outrageous laces.


The Basics

Men ankle socks

Wear invisible socks.  Like the inserts they will provide additional cushion and wick away moisture.  Plus, it is simply the civilized way to go sockless.  We recommend Invisible Cotton-blend socks by Falke available at Mr. Porter.

Put in a pair of cotton or leather inserts.  They’ll help cushion your paws and soak up some of the moisture.

If you must use powder (and maybe you should) order On Your Toes Bacterial Foot Powder

Use cedar shoe trees and some shoe deodorant.  And let those shoes rest a couple of days.


We admire you for stepping out with a sense of style.  By throwing caution to the wind, (not your foot stench) you’ve taken a bold step in the right direction.

Why Sport Stubble?

Men stubble 

In the third grade,

Ricky used to push me around. Once during recess, he pulled a one-inch pen knife on me and I thought my life was over. If I had stubble back then he would have thought twice about picking on me.

Stubble makes you look tough, suave, and confident. Nobody messed with Don Johnson in Miami Vice or Clint Eastwood in all those great westerns. They had stubble. Even Bruce Willis looked like a wimp in Moonlighting until he got his stubble on as John McClain in Die Hard.

Today of course, we all want to be Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake. Oh admit it, you do.

Sporting the “5 o’clock shadow” has returned in style. The 5 o’clock shadow dates back to the 19th century English ritual of taking tea promptly at 5 o’clock. No English gentleman would consider showing up unshaven. That all changed when razor companies in the 1930's marketed new razors to get rid of unsightly facial hair. Goodbye "5 o'clock shadow," hello baby smooth.

Literally no one has time for tea, or even dinner, at promptly 5 p.m anymore. It isn't a "5 o'clock shadow" anymore, it's trendy. Stubble says "Hell yeah I can pull this off and I'm going to."

BUT not everyone can effortlessly pull it off. You have to have been afforded the genetics of a full face of hair. It won't work if you have hair in cheetah patches across your mug. Or your hair is too light and makes you look like you're stuck on a deserted island.


So Why Bother?

Let us blow your mind for a second. The average man will spend 140 days during his lifetime shaving. Think of all the Netflix bingeing you could accomplish in that time.

The truth is that stubble is more than simply not shaving. Like your lover, its requires regular maintenance and meticulous manicuring. And let’s get real, we’re tired of the Ryan Reynold's of the world taking all the ladies. We won't take it anymore. We're growing stubble.


Attack Plan:

Let your stubble grow for at least 24-48 hours (maybe longer to fill in)

Mens grooming tips

Now that you have your scruffy palette it’s time to trim it and define your lines. Line up your beard neckline and shave below it. Set a line on your cheeks and sideburns and shave above it. A translucent beard oil or “lube” is better for line-ups than thick shaving cream. The design is in the lines. If you need a little guidance here consult your barber.

Invest in a trimmer. It’s an essential weapon in every barber’s arsenal and should be yours as well. Lately, we’ve been jonesing over the new Bevel trimmers. They’re powerful, precise, and look bad-ass.





The Process:

Shape it up.

Mens hair grooming

Okay not like this but you get the idea. You’ll want to shape your stubble by removing unwanted hair above and below those design lines on your cheeks and beard undercarriage. The lines are what create the angular, aggressive and yet sharply detailed elegance.

Some facial hair grows in different directions so be careful to keep it trimmed to .5mm, otherwise it’s a beard. Start by growing it a little longer in the beginning. Give it some time to fill in. this may take a couple of days.





Treat it like the hair on your head. Extra love.

grooming products for men

Keep it clean by using a beard wash or conditioning shampoo. Also watch for ingrown hairs and treat them with Jack Black Razor Bump, Art of Shaving Overnight Balm, or Min Solution 2. Using a beard oil like BeardBrand Tree Ranger Oil will provide nutrients and keep your stubble soft.









Moral of the Story:

Remember, women don't just have to look at stubble. They have to feel it. And they hate the sandpaper feel on their face or anywhere else on their body, especially “anywhere else”. So treat your facial hair right. You'll thank us . . . but more importantly you'll thank yourself.

Oh and as for you Ricky, come get me now punk. I’ve got stubble.

Hair on Fire

Franco Bompieri

The Art of Barbering with a Candle 


Franco Bompieri providing haircuts for men 

Franco Bompieri is the Master Barber of Milan. From very humble beginnings, Bompieri, now 84 is the proprietor of Antica Barbieria Colla founded in 1904.  This barber is decidedly old school eschewing modern tools, gimmicks and techniques, preferring instead to practice the art of barbering the old way using  a comb, scissors and yes a candle. 






Okay, not quite like that. 


Bompieri has been cutting men's hair for over seven decades.   

“The farmer knows how to cultivate the earth, the tailor knows fabric, the barber used to be very important. You have hair. Don’t let it get cut badly.” 

The Italian barber uses a candle toburn the ends of the hair.  Bompieri believes this process closes the pores, preserves keratin, inflates the hair  and allows nutrients to remain in the hair.  The practice dates back thousands of years and has become  a lost art. He also claims it keeps hair from falling out. Outdated? Perhaps, but the 84 year old barber still has a full head of hair and so do all of his clients. Watch the “Taglio A Candela” clip below. 


Choosing the Perfect Comb

Best comb for men

Let's face it. We obsess over the big stuff. We agonize over such heady issues as whether the cup holders on our new Mercedes AMG are both heated and cooled. And what is the pixel ratio again on that 90 inch flat screen?

And then, there's the little things. The inexpensive necessities we use every day that can immeasurably improve our lives - if we gave them a little thought. You know, cheap wine openers from the liquor store, neon colored toothbrushes, and COMBS.

Most of us pick up cheap combs only when we remember or stumble across one from a fancy hotel. We aren't suggesting that combs are something to split hairs over (pun intended) except that cheap plastic combs WILL actually split and break your hair. 



Mens hair combs


Call us snobs but we get what we pay for. Cheap is cheap. Free combs are free for a reason. It would be ignorant for us to believe the manufacturing of free combs was a well curated and refined artisan process. We suggest investing extra moola for quality like free range and cage free combs. Your hair is an investment. Invest in it.






Big tooth comb


Different combs serve different purposes. So what we are about to suggest shouldn't surprise you. You may need more than one comb. There are even custom beard combs. It's okay if you need to take a breather during this overload of information.




Horn comb


Plastic is out. Was it ever really in? Plastic combs will legitimately wreck your hair. The way they're created causes mold ridging that snags you hair and, basically, rips it apart. And it's safe to just say no to hard rubber. This isn't a toothbrush. Animal horn is your best bet in finding a superb comb that won't hold static or rip your hair. Thanks animals.


Combs and brushes


Five Words. Taylor of Old Bond Street. Besides having a great selection, they have been in the comb game for a very long time. Comb legends. If you're looking for fine tooth, we suggest Kent. And, of course, the best in the animal horn arena is Garret Wade. While your at it, buy some tools from them as well. Multipurpose. 


There you have it. You're an expert on combs. Or at least you can sound like one to all of your friends. Oh, and you will look exceptional every day. You're welcome.

Have a question?